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About the book 
The Alpha Nanny
by Remy Marie
Genre: Contemporary Romance

She needs money. He masks his pain.
​Life gives them a second chance, but reality may tear them apart.

Deena Zheng is in over her head. With her father’s mounting medical bills, a townhome in disrepair, and more stress than one person should bear, she does all that she can do to stay afloat. Out of options and desperate to pull her family out of the red, she must get out of her comfort zone and accept a nanny position with her firm’s notoriously impossible client or risk her family’s livelihood.

Jesse Grant struggles to get past his grief after losing the love of his life. Ever since her death, the billionaire hedge fund manager has used alcohol to mask his pain and, in the process, lost a part of himself. With a young son to raise and a business to run, he must pull himself together before he jeopardizes everything he’s worked so hard to build.

When they meet, the physical attraction is undeniable, but their personal demons and new professional relationship will make any hopes of pursuing a relationship too complicated for either to handle.Will they ignore their growing feelings for each other and keep their relationship strictly professional or will outside forces force them to reveal the truth?

And I thought 
This was a good read.  I enjoyed the characters.  I enjoyed the plot.   

Jess is a Billionaire facing some financial struggles.  And an addiction to alcohol after the death of his wife.

Deena is a young woman facing financial struggles and needing a job along while partnering with her brother to care for their father who has begun to suffer from Alzheimer's.

When things get personal as the two become involved more conflicts arises as Deena fears keeping the relationship secret because of her contract with the Nanny Service.  

Jess and Deena work through struggles together as Deena convinces Jess he is an alcoholic and encourages him to go to A.A.

Deena struggles with personal issues with her Dad and his failing health.  

I enjoyed the characters.  I enjoyed the plot(s).  

For me and for many of my readers I think the 'Open' bedroom door would put some people off.  The bedroom scenes are 
explicit.  And there are quite a few.  There is also alot of Bedroom talk that is vivid. 

I would be remiss if I didn't warn my readers that my Jazzy Grand Ma might not even reconsider this one.  

As a reader I was not vexed by the bedroom scenes or the bedroom talk.  I enjoyed the characters and the story enough to skim past the areas that made me blush.  

Read an Excerpt
Deena, it’s good to see you, and with a handsome man too. Are you on a date? He looks like a keeper,” Mo Chou asked me in Mandarin.
This is the second time someone suggested Jesse and I be intimate with each other. He’s my boss and that’s it. However…
I glance back at Jesse and he still had a mile-long grin staring at me. It was weird watching him smile. In the short span that I’d known him, not once did he smile. Now, he hadn’t stopped smiling since he came to the house. There’s a certain glow when he smiles. It looks a lot like Lamar’s tiny grin.
Mrs. Lee, he’s my boss. There’s nothing going on between us. We have come to dinner to discuss business. That’s it.” I replied back in Chinese.
If a man looks the way he does at you, he only has one thing on his mind.”
Mrs. Lee!”
It’s the truth!” She stated in her native tongue. She then turned to Jesse and smiled. “Please excuse me. Deena is like a daughter to me and I haven’t seen her in a while. We were just catching up.” Mo Chou stated in English.
That’s okay. I love your small restaurant. It shows a lot of history.” Jesse added looking around.
Thank you. You can stop by anytime with or without Deena.”
Mrs. Lee stop it. I know what you’re doing.” I snapped in Chinese.
If you’re not going to claim this hunk of a man then I will.” She quickly retorted in Chinese. “Right this way” she added in English leading us to a table in the back. I fought with every urge not to roll my eyes at her. Jesse looked back at me and grinned as if he knew what we were talking about.
Did he hear what Mrs. Lee said? No that’s impossible. He doesn’t speak Chinese. 
However, the thought of him knowing our past conversation filled me with embarrassment.
Why does he have to be so damn good looking too? I wonder if Mrs. Lee would still push me towards him if he was ugly, four-foot-tall and had a peg leg? Who am I kidding? Of course, she would

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