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Discovered by Her Billionaire by Sophia Summers-Book Review

book cover of Discovered by Her Billionaire

About the book 
Jack, an extreme sports enthusiast, drops from a helicopter to ski the wilderness of the northwest during a major blizzard only to find himself taking extreme sports to the limit as he races an avalanche that breaks free. 

Maggie is enjoying the solitude of the forest. Her only companion is a wolf puppy she rescued a year ago. Writing her dissertation, away from a demanding x-boyfriend, is a relief that she doesn't want to upset.

Sparks fly when she is forced to take Jack in during the storm but it's not until they both happen to find themselves at the Rio Lago Ranch that the possibility of a relationship surfaces. 

They join forces to set Carson up with an old flame in Brazil. Will they succumb to romance themselves?

And I thought
This kept one me turning the pages at a break neck speed.  
I loved Jack and Maggie from page 1.  

When Jack literally dropped in on Maggie it did not take long for the attraction to simmer and begin to kindle. 

Maggie has spent some time alone to finish writing her dissertation. And try to get over a recent bad relationship. 

Jack flies in and plans on spending some time in the area skiing except that his decision to 'drop in'  just prior to a major storm puts his skiing on hold when the storm picks up and he is injured. 

Discovered by Her Billionaire is a great sweet romance that has a bit of suspense and a great plot. 

The cast of main and sub characters are interesting and fun. 

There is a little bit of drama when Maggie suspects Jack has a relationship with his admin. but it is soon straightened out and the romance blossoms. 

Then there is Maggie's dad who has some kind of military history that isn't really explained leaving him a but elusive.  

I loved the setting of the resort/ranch that Maggie's dad owns. 
Sophia Summers did a great job of presenting the ranching lifestyle.

I really enjoyed this one and I am anxiously awaiting a chance to read more in this series. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
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