Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Serf and Turf by Marc Jedel-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
He’s afraid of losing his girlfriend. But maybe he should be more concerned about the dead body she’s crying over?
Marty Golden can barely string a voicemail message together, let alone keep up with his new love. This quirky uncle’s hectic Silicon Valley lifestyle needs a reboot when a youth league soccer game becomes a murder scene. And nothing can stop him from donning his amateur sleuth uniform when he discovers his sweetheart used to have quite a thing for the dead guy …
With a not-so-helpful paw from Buddy the Labrador,  he does his best to sniff out a long list of possible suspects. But between gossipy soccer moms and the costume-clad members of a Renaissance Faire, Marty’s theories fall harder than a jousted knight.
Can Marty solve the case before the trail and his new flame grow cold?
Serf and Turf is the third book in the zany, Silicon Valley cozy mystery series. If you like laugh-out-loud comedy, dorky sleuths, and a festival of old-world fun, then you’ll love Marc Jedel’s humorous murder mystery.
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And others are saying
. . . I think this is the best one yet. It has a good mystery, a great setting, some humour, a little dash of danger, lots or relationship building, and good writing. I definitely recommend this cozy mystery series, especially if you want a fun and amusing mystery read.
~Carla Loves To Read
Serf and Turf is a fun and funny comedy . . . This story was just a great quick read!
~A Chick Who Reads
You’ll love getting to know Marty’s sister and his nieces a little better while laughing at Marty’s well-intentioned investigation.If you need a break from reality, I highly recommend Marc Jedel’s Silicon Valley Mystery Series.
~Literary Gold
With all of the possibilities available for the who the killer might be, the answer came out of left field! . . . I enjoy the witty banter between characters and trying to solve the mystery.
~Storeybook Reviews
I have been eagerly waiting to read this book for months now!! I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love this series . . . Serf and Turf is a mind-blowing, wackalicious and totally entertaining cozy mystery.
~The Book Decoder
And I thought  
I didn't know that I would like love this series as much as I have. 
I couldn't help but fall in love with the quirky Marty in book 1 and I am still enamored in book 3!
Don't expect Marty to have grow on you.  You'll love him from the beginning. You'll every minute of each of these three books.  

Each is written as a stand alone but each story builds on the previous one and is easy to read and enjoy. I have felt that each is better and better.  The characters continue to be developed and grow with each engage plot and mystery solve. The covers if you look closely tell alot of the story.  I enjoy the cover art in this series.  It might seem a little juvenile but in a way Marty is a bit of a kid at heart in a lot of ways.  
If your in need of a laugh or a giggle or two you'll enjoy this one. 
If you love a good mystery you enjoy this one. 
If you like quirky characters you'll find a few here that will grab your attention and your heart. 

I loved every minute of Serf and Turf and each of the books in this series and look forward to #4. 

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