Saturday, October 5, 2019

Hiding Out With A Royal Billionaire by Sophia Summers-Book Review

Hiding out with a Royal Billionaire (Royal Prince Society Book 2) by [Summers, Sophia]
About the book 
Skye has loved Brooks for as long as she can remember, as a friend. Her very best friend.
When suddenly friendship isn't enough, they get embroiled in a crazy plot which reveals Brooks is not everything he has always seemed.

Brooks' world turns upside down when Skye is suddenly thrust in the center of one of his clandestine operations. And to over complicate things, he realizes he's falling for her right when he needs to keep a logical head on his shoulders.

When the two go into hiding, and Brooks has to leave her in the hands of a hot blooded, interested bodyguard, no one knows when everything returns to normal, who's ending will be happy. 

Read this sweet romance with a touch of suspense and adventure to get your dose of happily ever afters.

And I thought 
Book 2 in the Royal Prince Society is a Sweet,Clean and a bit of a Thriller.  I enjoyed Hiding Out was a fast paced read that kept me turning the pages. 

From page 1 this reader was captivated and charmed.  The Prince and Princess are fun and charming characters that you just want to 'like'. 

Princess Skye and Prince Brooks basically grew up together.  I was tickled with the rope from his bedroom window that he shimmied down and then they shimmied down and went off into the palace gardens.  When they were kids it was all innocent childhood fun. 

But then something happened.  Skye and Brooks notice each other in a way they have never noticed before. 

I could not help but wonder what the Royal parents thought of the childhood friendship.  Did they plan or wish for a Royal 'union'?

I was pleasantly surprised that Skye took it in stride that Brooks had a few secrets. 

And I was pleasantly surprised that when Skye has to be hidden away for her safety and Brooks has to leave on a 'mission' that her guard (who is an associate of Brooks)  doesn't try to 'win' her for himself.  

There was no drama. Just sweet romance and a thrilling ride. 

And the best part A Happy Ending. 

I enjoyed Hiding Out and look forward to more in this series. 
Book 1 Once Upon A Billionaire is on my TBR list. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads, Social Media and My Journey Back-The Journey Back.

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