Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Divine Decisions by Hope Callaghan-Book Review

Divine Decisions

About the book 
With fall fast approaching in the tiny town of Divine, Kansas, Delta is certain she has the upcoming Fall Festival baking contest “in the bag” until an old rival returns to town with plans to enter and win the coveted prize.
Meanwhile, a valuable antique piece goes missing after being purchased by one of Jo’s friends. Since Jo was one of only a handful of people who knew about the piece, the police show up on her doorstep to question her.
Will Jo and her friends be able to clear her name by tracking down the antique before it’s too late…or will their decision to find the antique and uncover the culprit come back to haunt them forever?
Break out the apple cider & cinnamon donuts and join Jo and friends for another Divine Adventure!
And I thought 
Refreshing was my first thought when I began to turn the pages of this Cozy Christian Mystery. 
I read alot of Cozy's.  
But I think I can honestly say I have not read one that fall's into the Christian genre.  For this reader that is refreshing. 
Even if you are not interested in books in this genre I hope you will give this book/series a chance.  
Hope Callaghan wrote/writes an amazing cozy mystery with a Christian underlying theme that is not overly pushy to turn off folks that are not fan's of this genre. 
Divine Decisions was a great book.  I enjoyed the plot/story line and the characters. 
Jo and her friends, clients and associates are charming and heart warming. 
Along with the mystery of who stole the priceless artifact the upcoming baking contest and the contestants endeavors to be the big 'winner' is a bit funny, quirky and just makes for a great read. 
Although Divine Decisions is book 4 in the series I picked it up and was immediately drawn into the story. I did not feel a 'need' to read the previous books.  
Also included in the book is a cast of characters and honestly I was so intrigued with digging in that I didn't read it.  Once into the story I didn't feel I needed to be introduced to the cast.  It was just so easy to read this one. I have read lots and lots of books that I needed the cast of characters to keep everyone straight and to make the reading enjoyable.  That was not the case here. 
I enjoyed Divine Decisions so much that I am waiting expectantly for the next installment and the previous 3 are on my TBR pile. 

I received a complimentary copy from the author.
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