Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Dog Treats Doxie's & Danger by Sharon Michaels


About the book  

Who would have thought a dog treat recipe could cause so much trouble?
Let me ask you this:
What happens when a sleazy tabloid reporter and a washed-up celebrity chef team up to get what Sara, Sam, Oscar and Lucky have?

How about…
Being stalked, having their RV ransacked, experiencing a chilling dognapping, and then coming face-to-face with a dangerous man carrying a gun – all this in just the first days of the Mitchell’s fun and relaxing vacation.

Why not buy an RV and see the country? It’ll be fun!

That’s what Sara Mitchell thought when she’d finally had enough of the blistering Southern Arizona summer heat and then, talked her husband in to buying a recreational vehicle. Sara and Sam Mitchell with their mini-dachshunds Oscar and Lucky, are ready to hit the open road and enjoy some cooler temperatures and new adventures.

Little did the Mitchell’s realize they’d be learning first-hand to be more careful about what they ask for. Their plan was to head to the Colorado Dog Show, sign Sara’s books about Oscar the Doxie Detective and sell some of her organic dog treats. That was the plan.

They thought they were going to enjoy a relaxing road trip in their new RV, but in a blink of an eye their trip turned into more than they bargained for – much, much more.

Oscar and Lucky are on the job to sniff out criminals and figure out exactly who is behind all the trouble. But can they figure it out in time, before a dog or human gets hurt?

Sometimes even the best laid out plans can go wrong, terribly wrong.

Sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy this fun, cozy and clean dog gone good who done it short read mystery.

And I thought 

A page turner!  I loved this little short read.  

It was hard to put down.  

Sharon Michaels crafts a fun story with some twists and turns and some  villainy.  

The main characters Sarah and Sam dog parents to Oscar (who is famous) and Lucky the new rescue risk it all even Millions of $ to keep their little family together and safe. 

Through thick and thin even when a down and out Chef and a tabloid reporter begin following them around intent on stealing Sara's secret recipes the foursome (humans and dogs) watch each other's backs. 

I loved that we got the perspectives from the dogs point of view.  

The story was super well written, engaging and believable.  

There were some twists and turns and kind of a surprise at the end at least I didn't expect it. 

I will be adding the earlier books on my wish list. 

I got the chance to add this book to my Kindle when it was offered Free a few days ago. 

My review is will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 


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