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To Love A Cowboy feat. How To Marry A Cowboy by Cathy Mc David


About the book 

Confronting her former crush

Trick rider Kenna Hewitt can’t avoid the company of Channing Pearce—not when the handsome cowboy needs Kenna’s help saving his family’s rodeo arena. Working together, and being in a wedding together, soon has old feelings resurfacing. But as a gal who does stunts for a living, trusting in a possible future with the cowboy of her dreams is still the most dangerous task she’s ever faced…

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Channing clearly understood Kenna’s reservations without her having to go into detail. It was nice. Not for the first time she wondered why no woman had snatched him up.

            “Thanks for everything.” She put a hand on his arm.


            It was, Kenna realized, their first physical contact in fourteen years, ever since that high school dance and their kiss. He’d filled out, the muscles beneath his shirt sleeve more pronounced than she remembered. He’d grown taller, too. She had to raise her chin several notches to meet his gaze.

            “There you are, kitten!”

            Inwardly, she cringed at the childhood nickname. Outwardly, she manufactured a smile and pivoted. “Hi, Mom.”

            The smile faltered. Gracie Hewitt–Jacobson-Cordova-soon-to-be-Sutter — Kenna had to constantly remind herself or she’d lose track — wasn’t alone. She came toward them, balancing Beau’s eight-month-old daughter Skye on her hip. Yes, Kenna was about to become step-sister to a baby, one young enough to be her own child.

            “We’ve been looking for you.” Kenna’s mom raised the baby’s hand and shook it in something resembling a wave. “Say hi to your big sister. And Uncle Channing, too.”

            Uncle Channing?

            “He was about to head to the livestock pens,” Kenna said when her mom reached them. No way would she force him to stay.

            He shrugged. “I’m in no hurry.”

            “Wonderful!” Kenna’s mom beamed. “Me, my maid of honor, and Beau’s groomsman all together and watching my handsome fiancé.”

            Kenna blinked at her mom in disbelief. “Groomsman?”

            “Channing. Can you believe it?”

            She turned around to face him, attempting to mask her surprise. “You’re in the wedding?”

            “I thought you knew.”

            “No.” Her voice trailed off. “I didn’t.”

            The news bothered her even though it shouldn’t. Maybe because she’d begun planning for the time they’d spend together as a refuge from the constant chaos of her mom’s wedding.

            Well, obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Just like her, he was smack dab in the middle of things — for better or worse, no pun intended.

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