Sunday, June 20, 2021

To Love A Cowboy feat. Baer Truth By Jocie McKade

Welcome to the second annual To Love A Cowboy Promo Tour.
I am super excited to have a great collection of books and authors to share this is week.  

About the book 

Vegetarian punk rocker, Abby Clark is kicked off the band tour bus in the middle of nowhere. That happens to be Sentinel, Wyoming in the dead of winter. With a talent for cooking and the singing voice of an angel she manages to disturb a very cranky, cold-hearted bear -- Baer.

Joe Baer, is a sexy Wyoming beef rancher with women issues. His ranch is slipping through his fingers, he's been betrayed by family, and he discovers a family secret that leaves him reeling.

Snow, out of control tractors, a wayward, but affectionate Black Angus bull, one hot country superstar, an unforgettable rodeo, and two jaded souls that just might be able to melt each other's hearts when they find out, The Baer Truth.

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Meet the author . . .

Jocie describes herself . . . 

I have a, well, a diverse background. I’ve lived in several states, and attended a local community college. I married a remarkable man who can fix anything. We have two daughters, and inherited two great son-in-laws and we now are the proud grandparents of, gulp, five grand-kids.

That was the official bio.

Now, for the truth. I live on Dust Bunny Farm, the name is self-explanatory. I often laugh out loud at the most inappropriate moments. I can find humor in nearly every situation, and I don’t take life all that seriously. I’ve been known to jump on stage and sing karaoke without ever having taken a sip of liquor, I am the person who pushes all the buttons on those holiday ornaments so they make annoying noise in unison and then I’ll turn around and blame it on one of my kids.

I am the person at the traffic light next to you singing to the top of my lungs and playing ‘air’ drums.

I prefer tea to coffee, and carbs to sweets.Here

I can write a story about anything. One of the first articles I ever sold was about the personality of an apron. I write stories that tend to be happy, because the world need less conflict and more happiness, and gee, we all need to laugh at ourselves a lot more often.

The above is a portion on an interview.  You can find the complete  interview over Here

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Jocie is also on Pinterest and Twitter.  You can links on her website  

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